Additional Services

Pyrolysis Stripping
in New York

Newburgh Metals Inc.

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic materials in a low-oxygen environment. Our Controlled Pyrolysis burn off oven strips paint and extends the life of your paint process and tooling investment. Our system is environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. You want the facts and a solution that works.


  • 770 cubic feet (96W, 136L, 102H)

  • Strip paint effectively

  • Protect and improve your equipment

  • Protect your team

  • Work faster than competitors

  • Reduce labor

  • Fast turn-around

Newburgh Metals Inc.
Newburgh Metals Inc.


  • Controlled pyrolysis is a safe process that helps clean and extend the life of your industrial parts in a method that doesn’t pollute

  • Our controlled pyrolysis oven eliminates hydrocarbon emissions and the use of hazardous chemicals and abrasives

  • The control system is easy to operate and helps ensure safe and thorough cleaning with reduced labor costs to you

Industries We Serve

  • Paint & powder coating

  • Hooks and fixtures

  • Finish preparation

  • Reclaiming diesel particulate filters

  • Restoration specialists

Newburgh Metals Inc.
Newburgh Metals Inc.

Metal Finishing

Our finishing department is dedicated to removing imperfections from parts and giving them a clean, beautiful look by grinding and buffing welds and scratches, as well as running parts through our time saver and sandblaster.