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Newburgh Metals supports the leading manufacturer in passenger rail car interiors and the general traffic equipment industry. We supply our customers with the highest level of quality in metal fabrication for transportation tools and products.

Some products we produce:

  • Testing equipment housing/enclosures
  • Laser cut, formed, and powder coated custom automotive tools
  • Stainless steel panels for rail interior walls and doors
  • Stainless steel and aluminum ventilation grills for rail interior
  • Aluminum products for mounting traffic lights


Newburgh Metals is excited to be working with several breakthrough companies leading the way in lighting innovations, design, and technology.  We manufacture and powder coat custom  steel plaster frames, troffers, beveled/flat/wide/narrow LED fixture options, various enclosures for disinfectant lighting, custom bracketry, and mounting solutions for commercial, hospitality, medical, and residential projects.

Alternative Energy

Newburgh Metals provides support to the Alternative Energy Solar Racking Industry with the fabrication of several mounts including a Ballasted Roof Mount System made out of prime Galvalume 20 gage. This U.S. Patented design is fast and easy to assemble and our super durable polyester powder coat with iron phosphate pre-treatment guarantees this product up to 25 years.

  • Ground Mount
  • Ballasted systems
  • Solar Car Ports
  • Residential Applications



Newburgh Metals manufactures innovated LED lighting fixtures and enclosures used in the Medical and Food Service & Processing industry. As contaminants and harmful microbes are introduced, a harmless white light continuously kills and disinfects microorganisms from the environment and surfaces silently protecting your customers and your brand.


Newburgh Metal can manufacture and powder coat a wide range of unique rigid electrical box support bracket systems and clips for new or retrofit components. We specialize in modified and custom indoor/outdoor electrical enclosures, bracing solutions, and raceways designed to save time and reduce total installed cost.

Point of Purchase

Newburgh Metals can very quickly produce custom in-store point-of-purchase (POP) displays solutions.  We can provide you with the right design element and the right design functionality practical to your business needs.  We design, manufacture and assemble custom enclosures, drawer design, and pedestal displays built for computer monitors, printers, film scanners, and accessories. We combine materials like wood and metal construction, metal and glass construction, plastic, print, and interactive materials including software application, audio, video, LED, and USB ports for photo, android, and iOS devices.

Self – Serve Kiosks

Our Self – Serve Kiosks are shipped fully assembled including mechanical, electromechanical assembly, wiring, software installation, testing and UL Labeling. Finished products are packed, shipped, and ready for field technicians to install.

Restaurant Equipment and Beverage

Newburgh Metals can manufacture various types of grill racks and drip trays. We can make steel plates and steel tubing to modify any product with various types of customer consigned parts such as a hydraulic press for juicing. Finally, we powder coat it for one completely assembled product.  Newburgh Metals has over 100 different vibrant powders and finishes in stock to choose from or we can special order a color from one of our vendors to greatly enhance the appearance of your product.

  • Tubing
  • Flat stock
  • Customer consigned parts
  • Modifications