Our fully equipped machine shop specializes in mill work, lathe work, surface grinding, as well as custom tool making for complex jobs.

VF5/TR 5-axis VMC

Since acquiring our new HAAS VF-5/TR 5-axis VMC we have been able to drastically cut machining time, costs and operator error because of the ability to machine complex shapes in a single setup, complex shapes that in the past would have to be cast. 5-axis machining uses shorter cutting tools, which allow a higher quality surface finish because of the reduction of tool vibration, which nearly eliminates hand finishing again lowering our costs and yours.

ST-20 Y-axis Lathe with Automatic Bar Feeder

Our new ST-20 Y-axis lathe allows us to do turning and machining operations in one setup instead of multiple setups on more than one machine. In conjunction with its accompanying automatic bar feeder, the operator can load all required material into feeder and the lathe will advance the material as needed into the machine, eliminating the need of the operator having to load bar stock singularly.