Assembly and Integration

Newburgh Metals figures it out for you! We staff a large team of highly skilled Mechanical and Electro-mechanical assemblers. We offer a wide range of secure assembly and sub-assembly services for cabinets, enclosures, and accessories designed to house cabling systems and equipment. We take a product made in-house and integrate different components such as nuts, bolts, electrical wiring, wood, plastics, hinges, locks, casters, Drawer Slides, DVD, power supply units, cable harnesses, printers, monitors, software installation and testing, and any other component desired. Newburgh Metals will assemble them into a customized final product, catered to your specifications and needs.
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electro Mechanical Assembly
  • Software Installation
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • UL/ETL Approved Assemblies
  • Packaging / Logistics
  • Labeling and testing with quarterly inspections.